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autoclaves for health and personal careMost of the steam sterilizers used in research today are based on medical-grade autoclaves. This isn’t because medical-grade autoclaves are well-suited to modern research—they are not. You’re almost certainly reading this right now because your autoclave has grown unreliable, broken down for the last time, or proved unable to run the cycles you need. These problems are a direct result of the fact that your existing autoclave was probably designed for around-the-clock hospital operation. Moving to a modern research-grade autoclave means saving money, and enjoying greater reliability and flexibility.





autoclave front loading steam autoclave by priorclaveWe pride ourselves on building the toughest autoclaves on the planet. We start with a straightforward, time-tested design, with the absolute minimum number of moving parts and wear points. We build every Priorclave using standard, high-quality, easily replaced components. And we stay in touch with our customers, advising them on how to leverage the flexibility of their autoclave. The result: As of 2016, 100% of ourcustomers将他们的先验界面评为“非常令人满意”或以上 - 随着评级的进行upthe longer they’ve had their Priorclave. EvenEbola researchers在非洲实验室和prion researcherstrust Priorclave to get the job done reliably.

三十年后,有史以来第一个Priorclave Steam高压灭菌器今天仍在运营。虽然大多数制造商仅提供10年的压力船保修,但我们保证我们的20年 - 我们出售的每个单位都伴随着终身24/7技术支持. When issues arise, we can usually resolve them over the phone (because of our Tactrol Control System’s remote diagnostic capabilities).

autoclave technical support by priorclave您可以期望从适当的指定,安装和维护的PirivClave中获得非常无故障的服务寿命。“正确的维护”不必艰巨:保持单位清洁(内外),并定期给铰链和垫圈加油(带有耗材,您可以在五金店获得)是健康的Pirclave研究级高压灭菌器的钥匙。

We’re happy to consult with you on sterilization procedures and safety training to ensure that all sterilization needs are met for your project – even in the mostdemanding and high-risk scenarios.



autoclave programmable option by priorclaveFirst and foremost, Priorclave autoclaves are designed for research, with a special attention to liquid loads and media prep. Our chamber and valve design discourage evaporation, bottle ruptures, and boil-over. Because we custom build each unit, any Priorclave can be outfitted with a variety of vacuum pumps, fans, and probes (both fixed and wandering). Our塔克特罗控制系统allows you to harness these with great precision, adjusting set points, hold temperatures, vacuum periods and timing, temperature ramp-up/ramp-down rates, chamber pressure, and more, with cycle times up to 999 minutes and up to 999 consecutive cycle repeats.